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A.C. Zemaitis was born in London 1935. He started working as a cabinet maker. Tony's carrier as Guitar Maker started  in the mid fifties, when he copied an acoustic guitar, because he didn't have the money to buy one.

Tony liked it so much, that he started making guitars for friends.  And bit by bit the passion increased and his hobby became his profession.

In the sixties, when  it was hard to get 12 string guitars in London., he made 12 string guitars for professional  players like Ralph McTell, Spencer Davis, Eric Clapton
and Jimi Hendrix.

This made Tony popular in England and players like,, George Harrison, Mark Bolan, Ron Wood or Ronnie Lane asked Tony to make guitars for them.

The wonderful design was another reason beside the great sound of his guitars, why  musicians love Zemaitis guitars.

He made an blue acoustic guitar for Donovan, with stars and  moon whole for the sound.

When the demand for electric guitars grew, Tony designed his first prototypes . He started using metal as a shield to reduce humming of guitars.

Not only did he liked this new technical detail, he designed

the front of the guitar in metal, this led to the idea to engrave the metal. His friend and customer  Danny O'Brien starts engraving the guitars for Tony. The metal front Zemaitis was born.

The best advertising for Tony and one of his biggest fans is Ronnie Wood who played his guitars with the Faces. Beside the classic metal front, he played a guitar called disc front.

Soon more and more stars started to play this unique Zemaitis guitars.

In the mid 70ies Tony made his first mother of pearl fronts for Ronnie Wood and for James Honeyman Scott. This model became a further classic design.

Based on the great sound and the unique designs of  Zemaitis guitars, Tony became the most popular guitar maker in this world.

Tony sadly  passed away on 17 th August 2002.

But the fascination of his guitars lives on. The prices for Zemaitis guitars are rising more and more.

The demand for this guitars is so big, that  licensed Zemaitis guitars where build in japan today and many guitar maker in the world are starting to copy designs of Tony Zemaitis.

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